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Employee Engagement & Retention

We offer an environment that is conducive to grooming deserving candidates and providing them opportunities for growth. The challenging work and frequent training programmes are the chosen means to engage with employees. We believe one of the best ways to retain and encourage talent in the organisation is to award those who have the best interest of the company in mind. Our mentoring initiatives help new employees find their footing within the organisation. We are constantly trying to improve our infrastructure and enhance the quality of life of our employees. We also ensure that our employees receive global exposure through international visits and training. Bright Engineers are offered the opportunity to enhance their role or rotate into another job.

At SEL, there are three main reasons for attrition as noted from exit interviews and internal surveys. For M7-M6 level employees the reasons are higher education and Government Jobs. In case of M5 & above employees it is the affinity towards metros. To address these to some extent, SEL offers cash rewards, job enrichment and higher positions, and opportunities for higher education (MBA, CA etc.) in distance mode. A township with several facilities is also under construction.

Sterlite Copper and BALCO have a wide variety of employee retention programmes including awards for long service, specific contributions, team based performance, etc. HZL offers retention bonuses and has programs that encourage interaction between Youngsters & Senior Management as well as knowledge sharing. CMT offers personal development programs, Community Volunteer group participation, Industrial Organisation representation, Professional Institute Participation, Participation in Industry visits as well as support for further education.

Break-up of Employee turnover by Age and Region Employee Engagement Activities We value our employees and consider them to be the lifeblood of our operations. Therefore employee engagement remains one of our key focus areas. Consistent employee engagement also helps us identify opportunities and room for improvement. We believe in celebrating our employees and what better way to do that than to celebrate festivals together. Our get-togethers are not limited to festivals, we also conduct cultural events, competitions, sports activities, and family picnics.

Sterlite Copper conducts ESAT surveys once a year to gauge the satisfaction level of employees across grades. Copper Tones is an in-house bi-monthly magazine, it's an effective tool to connect with employees. We use our Communication Meet as a platform for employee recognition and two way communications. We also have a 15 member cross functional Event Management Team that organizes activities such as Summer Camp, Rendezvous 2010, etc.

BALCO follows an Event calendar through which every month different types of quality of life functions are held for employees as well as for their family members. The company also has two clubs where different types of recreational activities with respect to work/life balance with their personal and /or family are held.

HZL uses HR Reach for open communication and also has an open house initiative called Sanwad. Employees and their families are involved in CSR initiatives. HZL also conducts initiatives for women like Ladies Club Meet, Sangini and Women's Day celebrations.

SEL Jharsuguda celebrates the birthday of employees and also organises various communication meetings like skip level meeting, feedback sessions etc.

Contract employee engagement Contract employees form an important part of our operations. As such, we try to do as much as possible to make them feel like an integral part of our company. They are included in festivities and competitions. They are evaluated and rewarded based on their performance. And their buy-in is sought before major shut downs. They also receive mandatory safety training.

At Sterlite Copper, contractors are part of our annual employee satisfaction survey – ESAT. Security personnel are outsourced from a third party, most of these personnel are trained and sent to our locations of operation from their organisation itself. We offered our entire security personnel training on 'How to deal with employees and visitors'. 11 security personnel were offered training in communication skills, team dynamics and Ignite programmes.

For Contract Labours Safety at BALCO, in every shift a five minutes Safety Talk is conducted in various departments of all the SBUs to maintain Safety Standards. A Program on First Aid was conducted for outsourced employees. Security personnel are outsourced from a third party, most of these personnel are trained and sent to our locations of operation from their organisation itself. BALCO offers its entire security personnel training on 'How to deal with employees and visitors.

At HZL, 400 contract executives were offered training for attitudinal change through program Navjagran. 1300 contract labourers were provided Surakha Jyoti - 2 days training on behavioural safety. The "We Appreciate" scheme is a token to reward contract labourers.

CMT conducts monthly OHS&E Meeting with all site Contractors .

SEL offers a scorecard for all operation Contractors based on which the best performing contractor is selected every month. A cash incentive of Rs. 1000 given to all Contract Employees for Safe Annual Shutdown.

Contractor Compliance & Management Sterlite Copper has taken a pro-active step of ensuring hundred percent compliance of labour / industrial laws related to health, safety and welfare of contract employees and have engaged a specialised agency – M/s Aparajitha Corporate Services (P) Ltd. to ensure compliance.

At CMT, Contractor OHS management and compliance requirements are provided to our contractors through the CMT-SOP-010 Contractor Management Procedure. This document identifies their legislative obligations and CMT requirements whilst employed at the CMT site. An OHS committee is conducted every 6 weeks to provide a forum for CMT and our contract workforce to communicate and consult with all personnel at the CMT site on occupational health, safety and environmental matters. Contractors are encouraged to conduct OHS audits of CMT to ensure a safe workplace is provided for their staff – This approach ensures ownership of the SMS program remains frontline.

SEL's HR department looks after the compliance requirements under the Acts of Labour law. BALCO adheres to Statutory and non-statutory compliances of Contract Management System for outsourced contract employees which includes approximately 10,000 Contract workers working in the expansion projects.